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School Procedures

Punctuality Policy

Glendale Middle School is committed to helping its students to become their best selves. Academically, socially and physically, we want to ensure that our students are prepared to enter higher education and the work force, ready to be successful in their adult life.  One of the skills which helps students become successful, is the ability to arrive on time and ready to perform. As a result, Glendale has a punctuality policy which acknowledges and rewards student behaviors which meet school-wide expectations for consistent punctuality. 

Students who demonstrate their ability to be punctual consistently are rewarded in the following ways;



punctual arrival at classes (weekly)

weekly prize drawing

punctual arrival at classes (monthly)

monthly prize drawing

punctual arrival at classes (grading period)

citizenship grades

For students who need support to practice and learn to be punctual to their classes, we have developed a leveled system which relies heavily on parental support to help reinforce our school values of respect and student responsibility.



First time late to class

Student is given a warning

Second time late to class

Student serves a lunch detention

Third time late to class

Parent meeting & Student contract

Fourth time late to class and each additional tardy

1 hour after school detention per tardy


  • Students who are frequently tardy have lower grades, scores on standardized assessments, and graduation rates. Chronic lateness in middle school is associated with failure in high school.  
  • Students who are frequently tardy have higher rates of suspension and other disciplinary actions.
  • Students who are tardy to school usually have attendance and tardiness problems when entering the workforce.

Source: U.S.A Department of Education Statistics 2016

Parents empowered: We encourage parents to help reinforce our school commitment to punctuality. Talk to your student and let them know that you too believe that punctuality is an important life skill which will serve our students well into adult life.

Online Meal Payment System

Parents can make online meal payments for the school cafeteria with no service fee. To read more about the program click on the brochure. If you want to start making payments click on the MyPaymentPlus link below: