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Hello and Welcome to Glendale Middle School!

Glendale Middle School is located in the heart of West central Salt Lake City and is home to one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations in the state of Utah. Our school serves middle school students from all over the world, many of whom are newly arrived in the United States.

Our community partnerships help Glendale Middle School serve its unique population. Through our community partnerships and a broad academic programming, we are able to offer many special programs to our students:

  • Glendale features Extended Learning Program classes, where academically gifted students are offered a chance to expand their knowledge.
  • The school offers honors classes in language arts and science as well as newcomer classes for students new to the United States.
  • Glendale promotes the AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) program and a continuous in-school academic support program, which prepares students for college eligibility and success. Support is cross-curricular and on-going.
  • Glendale’s elective courses include fine arts classes such as drawing, pottery, orchestra, band, piano, and drum line.
  • We have a robust after school program with a wide variety of classes and services, including chess club, drama, sports, Tutor Club, summer school classes, Latinos In Action, Techniques For Tough Times, and exploratory classes.

The middle school years are exciting years as they are a time of great physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. You will be amazed at the rapid changes that happen in the next few years.

At Glendale, our goal is to support your child through these exciting years. Our faculty is very knowledgeable of the unique needs of this age group and work hard to meet the various needs of your child. We have many resources at Glendale to help your child reach his/her potential.

Please remember you are a valuable partner in your child’s education and we take your input seriously. I welcome you to our school and hope that you will collaborate with us to help build a strong and effective school community.



Jill Baillie

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