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*2018-2019 Utah Afterschool Network Teacher of the Year!*

Job title: 6th Grade Teacher
Organization & Program: Glendale Middle School
Years in the field: 15 years in Title I schools

Bio: Mr. Ford is always helping with afterschool program activities and events and expects nothing in return. He not only teaches Chess Club and helps with math in the afterschool program, he also supports the summer program. Before working at Glendale, he left his mark in Midvale where he influenced and impacted the community through afterschool programs. His response to the question, "How you doing, Ford?" is always "Better." When asked "Why better?", he responds with "If you're not doing better than you were, then what are you doing?"  Those that know him say he goes out of his way to build relationships by learning all staff and students’ names and he always stops to have genuine conversations about life. 

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