October Curriculum Focus: Career & College Awareness

This month at Glendale we focus on the great things happening in our Career & College Awareness Department, which is headed by Steve Sagers, Bryant Baird and Francis McDonald.

This week Glendale’s Career and College Awareness students had a special opportunity to develop their understanding of renewable energy sources. Veteran teacher, Bryant Baird, led his students in a lesson to examine the ways in which synthetic and natural fibers burn, as a part of the Utah’s CCA curriculum on Materials.

The 7th and 8th grade students were able to collaborate in small groups to burn a variety of materials, observing and recording the differences. They used the data they collected to support or refute their hypothesis about the materials.

All students remained highly engaged and followed safety protocols during the activity, although there was another adult on hand with a fire extinguisher as a precaution.

“They are a really great group of students – they love this activity.” Commented Mr. Baird, who has been teaching Career and College Awareness at Glendale for three years.

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