March Focus: Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Center

The Glendale-Mountain View  Community Learning Campus provides a broad range of educational, health and community development services within the Glendale community.

Our CASA — Communities Aspiring, Succeeding and Achieving — is part of a network launched through an alliance between the University of Utah, the Salt Lake City School District, Google Fiber, A Capital City Education and local school communities. The newest Our CASA space will open on Monday March 6th 2017, at the Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus, and is one of six spaces planned for school and community sites across the west side of Salt Lake City.

“We really want to support any initiative which will help Glendale to become the thriving community we know it can be.  An important element of what we do on campus is providing support to parents and families so that they can help get their kids ready for school and then later for college. Our CASA is an important step in the right direction for Glendale community members.” commented Keri Taddie, site manager of the Glendale Mountain View Community Learning Campus.

The Our CASA spaces will provide a family friendly, college-themed space in schools and community centers, and aim to help to increase numbers of college bound students from traditionally under-represented groups.

Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus is located at:
1388 South Navajo St. Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 974-1902 


February Curriculum Focus: Social Sciences @ Glendale

History and Social Studies students at Glendale Middle School have access to a rich and diverse curriculum which allows them to practice valuable skills. “Students can learn lessons from social, historical, economic and political events, weighing how their consequences affected people and places.” says Randy Coombs, 8th grade Social Studies teacher. Students practice writing and presenting information about what they learn as a way to consolidate their understanding.

Each day, students are given the opportunity to practice respectful, collaborative engagement with each other and with curriculum materials.“Now, more than ever, it’s important for students to learn to think critically and to review different sources to extract information.” commented Matt Shake 7/8th Grade Utah Studies teacher. Students evaluate data in a variety of formats to develop a broader understanding of information.

January Curriculum Focus: Physical Education

Glendale has a thriving Physical Education program, led by coach Lucas Tucker. In addition to a diverse sports curriculum which includes Archery, Dance and Soccer, this semester students can participate in junior and varsity level basketball practice after school, as well as compete in basketball games in middle school tournaments. “Its important to keep kids moving and active. At Glendale, students can learn so many skills from the routines of sports practice...teaching students to work cooperatively in teams is great preparation for life.” commented Coach Tucker.

December Curriculum Focus: The Arts @ Glendale

Glendale Middle School has a long history of involvement in the Arts. We actively encourage our students to express and practice their talents through the mediums of dance, music, visual arts and drama. This month at Glendale as we recognize the diverse seasonal traditions of our communities, we invite parents,students and community members to join us in celebration as Glendale presents its annual Choir, Band and Piano performances.  Glendale Arts teachers Liz Tabish, Paul Daraban, Anna Cole, Robyn Munro and Jennifer Timpson-Shiba work hard year round to help students prepare and present their work. Please take a moment to view student work in the display cases in the Commons Area on your way to the Auditorium for student performances. 

The concert and recital schedules are published on the school calendar.

Glendale-Mtn View Annual Craft Fair

The Glendale Mountain View Community Learning Center presents its annual Craft Fair on Friday December 9th 2016.  
Parents, students and community members are invited to join us to enjoy seasonal fun at the annual fair which will feature handmade crafts from local Glendale residents and other local artists. Come and learn about the different programs and resources available at the Community Learning Center!

When: 3:00–7:00 PM
Where: Glendale-Mountain View CLC, 1388 South Navajo Street. (Between Mt. View and Glendale schools)

El Centro Communitario de Glendale Mountain View

Los invita a la tercera feria anual de Arte y Manualidades. Exhibiendo arte y manualidades hechas por residentes de Glendale y otros artistas locales.

Tambien venga y aprenda mas sobre los diferentes programas y servicios que ofrece el Centro communitario de Glendale Mountain View.

Fecha: 9 de diciembre del 2016
Hora: 3:00-7:00 PM
Lugar: Glendale-Mountain View CLC, 1388 South Navajo St. (Entre las escuelas Mt. View y Glendale).


November Curriculum Focus - Latinos In Action

On October 25th Glendale’s Latinos in Action students hosted their annual Haunted House at the Sorensen Center Halloween Carnival. Just in time to get into the spirit of Dias de los Muertos and Halloween, Glendale students pitched in to design, create and act in the Haunted House Spooktacular held at at the Sorenson Unity Center.  Glendale families and community members showed strong support for the event and the Haunted House had over 500 visitors.  Latinos in Action teacher-leader Dane Hess was on hand throughout the process to help and support Glendale students. “The program really inspires students to get out and work in the community, build relationships and develop their individual talents...our students did a great job.” he commented.

Student Council Fundraiser

Student Council members held a Cookie Bar to raise funds for upcoming events. Students and faculty had the opportunity to purchase delicious cookies with a variety of colorful frosting flavors during both lunches in the Commons area.


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