Glendale's Choir Champions

At the annual Salt Lake School District Choir Festival Glendale’s Choir faced off against choirs from Hillside, Bryant, and SLCSE.  

Despite stiff competition and some performance day jitters, Glendale’s choir were undefeated. They achieved perfect or near perfect scores across all evaluation categories which included; tone, quality, rhythm, blend, expression & technique, diction, and poise. The choir was led by their proud music teacher Paul Daraban: 

“Our students did a beautiful job. Not only did they sound great, but their behavior and decorum was impeccable”.

It was Glendale’s day to shine. We congratulate our students on a job well done.

2017 Western States THINK Challenge Winners

Glendale Middle School students have been selected as winners of the 2017 Western States THINK Challenge. Students earned this award for their accomplishments with the Think Through Math digital learning program. Glendale received the digital learning grant through the STEM Action Center to help increase student achievement in mathematics. Students have worked hard to successfully complete over 3,700 lessons this year. They have been awarded as one of the top Utah schools in the Western States with the highest pass rate percentage, time on system, and overall lesson completion.

Glendale was awarded a banner to hang with pride and a $250 Visa Gift Card that can be used to help them celebrate or buy supplies for the school. An extra shout out to Glendale’s top THINK student, Shelali Shelali who has completed 105 lessons to date!

Congratulations Glendale!

District Visual Arts Exhibition

The Salt Lake School District held its annual visual arts show which showcased the work of students across the district. Glendale students participated, visited the exhibits during the exhibition and had an excellent opportunity to develop their arts education.

Beloved Community Art Show

The Beloved Art Community Exhibit was held at the Salt Lake Community College, South Campus. It The Beloved Community Photography Project provides photography equipment and instruction by SLCC faculty members to students. After participating in classroom activities that explore photography techniques, students took photos that highlight their own communities. 37 Glendale students participated and 4 received an honorable mention. Way to go Glendale artists!

March Focus: Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Center

The Glendale-Mountain View  Community Learning Campus provides a broad range of educational, health and community development services within the Glendale community.

Our CASA — Communities Aspiring, Succeeding and Achieving — is part of a network launched through an alliance between the University of Utah, the Salt Lake City School District, Google Fiber, A Capital City Education and local school communities. The newest Our CASA space will open on Monday March 6th 2017, at the Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus, and is one of six spaces planned for school and community sites across the west side of Salt Lake City.

“We really want to support any initiative which will help Glendale to become the thriving community we know it can be.  An important element of what we do on campus is providing support to parents and families so that they can help get their kids ready for school and then later for college. Our CASA is an important step in the right direction for Glendale community members.” commented Keri Taddie, site manager of the Glendale Mountain View Community Learning Campus.

The Our CASA spaces will provide a family friendly, college-themed space in schools and community centers, and aim to help to increase numbers of college bound students from traditionally under-represented groups.

Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus is located at:
1388 South Navajo St. Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 974-1902 


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